CMORG Conference | The Future of Resilience | 2 July 2024

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This one-day event will bring together financial industry experts, the regulatory authorities and key stakeholders, to delve into the future of resilience. We will hear from the authorities on the latest thinking on the implementation of the operational resilience policy in the lead up to March 2025, and explore with panels from SMF24s to Heads of Operational Resilience the key topics that will provide practitioners with the knowledge and tools they need to finalise their firm’s implementation.


As we approach a key turning point in the future of resilience, we will also consider what lies beyond March 2025; how we build a culture of resilience and apply resilience by design strategies, considering the latest thinking across technology focussed firms and more traditional market participants.


This event will be a significant opportunity for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among professionals working in the financial services industry as we look to prepare for, and continually enhance, our firms’ and sector’s resilience.

At this year's conference, we will be exploring the future of resilience, we are looking forward to being joined by resilience professionals gathered to discuss preparations for March 2025, embedding a culture of resilience, and how technology and third parties play a key role in our businesses and risk landscape.