Specialist groups support CMORG to deliver outputs to the benefit of the financial sector

Along with the head committee of CMORG, the industry is supported by technical subgroups and sector groups. These include:  

Technical Subgroups:   

  • Third Party Resilience Group (TPRG) – Supports for all third-party resilience-related activity under CMORG, in support of improved resilience across critical third parties and the wider ecosystem.    
  • Sector Exercising Group (SEG) – Coordinates the sector's resilience exercising programme, delivering strategic sector-wide simulation exercises, alongside more technical issue and capability-focused exercises.    
  • Sector Response Framework Group (SRFG) – Owns and maintains the Sector Response Framework, ensuring it is continually improved and embedded across the sector.    
  • Operational Resilience Collaboration Group (ORCG) – Facilitates collaboration between firms in the financial services industry to enhance sector-wide operational resilience.    
  • Chief Information Officers Forum (CIOF) – Tracks and discusses technology developments and assesses their potential for impacting the resilience of the UK financial system.    
  • Cyber Coordination Group (CCG) – Monitors the cyber and security risk landscape and builds capabilities to support the cyber resilience of the UK financial system.


Sector groups: 

  • Securities Industry Business Continuity Management Group (SIBCMG) – Wholesale 
  • Retail Banks Resilience Continuity Group (RBRCG) – Retail 
  • Insurance Sector Operational Resilience Group (ISORG) – Insurance 
  • FMI Operational Resilience Forum (FOREF) – Financial market infrastructure